Do your kids love playing indoors?

If your kids love making forts, houses, stair slides, mats for jumping, rolling and playing on then they will love Dreamforts! Their own super comfy couch that's also designed for imaginative play.


Two for $650 (Save $150)

Double the fun with colour combo's and double the building possibilities. You'll get an automatic discount code applied at the checkout :)

Washable covers!

Dreamforts covers are easy to remove and wash. Wash on a cold cycle and hang out to dry inside - please don't put them in a dryer!

Is your kids furniture safe?

Dreamforts are 100% foam, so you don't have to worry about hard objects if they're jumping on them or building something and it falls on them, giving your kids a safe way to explore indoors.


Loved for years.

Dreamforts are great for all ages, perfect for the littlest ones to crawl around on, 3-8's to build with and anything older to chill with - yes you might find yourself battling your kids for the best seat in the house!


There's no right way to use a Dreamfort!

It's really up to your kids imagination! Here you can see one is being used as a play mat and the other as a corner chair.